The BC Interior’s newest and largest Acura dealership had a simple request: “We would like a sign for our Zen Garden.”

With a picture of the space in hand, Total Graphics undertook a unique and challenging sign project. The garden had been constructed in front of a stark concrete wall. Coupled with sand and minimal foliage we determined that the sign for this space needed to be something organic to tie everything together. That’s where the natural bamboo panel comes in.

Since the finished sign would be an outdoor installation, testing was undertaken with a local millwork shop to get the right balance of wood treatments ensuring the natural wood and inks would hold up for years to come. The final sign was printed on our large flatbed printer, with a double hit of white ink on the natural wood surface. Brushed aluminum standoffs for mounting the substrate created dimension for the piece, as well as allowing air to circulate around the panel.

To top it off, Total Graphics was tasked with complete control of the overall design.

It perfectly captured the natural simplicity of the Zen Garden while keeping the modern touches associated with the Acura Brand.