For A&W, each franchise runs their own celebration programs, be it a grand re-opening or customer appreciation days, supported by local advertising. The process for creating a print ad by the franchisee, and getting it reviewed and approved, was lengthy and inefficient. A&W’s agency contacted Total Graphics to help build a custom solution that would streamline the process.

Total Graphics created an online template that managed ad development as well as approvals. As the request for a customer appreciation day is received by head office, they can apply the information specific to the location (offer, date, address, etc.) then a print-ready PDF is generated and shipped to the franchise - or directly to newspapers depending on the arrangement. The template and information is pre-approved - with options managed through a series of drop-down menus.

This new automated system eliminates the traditional and lengthy process of ad creation – saving time for those involved as well as associated costs. In addition, the brand now has visual consistency due to the online ad templates.