Content Management

Making your workflow work. We have extensive experience developing custom content management systems - we can help you reduce duplicate inputting, control updates, provide quick and easy ad fulfillment for franchisees, allow remote, searchable access to photography and other assets, proofs, and so much more. Just tell us what you need it to do for you.

Collaborative Proofing

Making changes, no matter where you are.

With our collaborative online proofing system, you can be sitting at home in your jammies marking up changes and we’ll never know! No special software is required, just your web browser, and we are notified of your changes immediately.

Personalized Email

Get into your audience’s in-box.

Like direct mailing, personalized email campaigns give you the opportunity to speak directly to your market. It is a great, cost-effective option that gives you an opportunity to track results and help you figure out what is working and what isn’t - so you can get the most for your money.

PURL - Making your marketing material personal.
Grab the attention of your audience by creating online landing pages just for them - typically used along with a personalized DM or eblast campaign, the personal touch helps to not only improve response rates and provide relevant content, but also helps you to capture valuable information such as contact info, sales leads and visitor patterns.

QR Coding - We speak matrix. We speak barcode.
QR means “quick response” - referring to the speed at which these barcodes can be decoded and the content translated. Special applications on smart phones allow the user to scan the code, which is hardlinked to the desired information. The technology has been applied to both interactive and traditional media - from in-store displays to business cards to print ads.

BONUS - QR coding and PURL allow you to track responses and measure your ROI.